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1. Once confirm your order, the products will keep for you, so please pay within 7 (seven) days. if you not make a payment within 7 (seven) days order will be automatic cancel.
2. If you're malaysian,you can transfer by local bank at the local ATM machine, through Internet banking (Online Banking) or remittances to the bank counter (Cash Deposit). We will not send goods out until you make full amount. If you deposit extra amount due technical limitation, we will credit the balance into your next purchase.
3. We NOT accept send by WANG POS. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH, we will not be hold responsible for the cash lost!
4. We accepts various payment methods when placing your order. Here is the list of available options and please do let us know the payment method you would like to use when order is confirm. Thanks

Bank Transfer (Online Banking Transfer or Direct Deposit)

Customers are required to inform once payment is made through bank transfer at this e-mail address sales@ayujayamas.com. Customers are required to give the information as shown below:
Payer Name    (Your full name)
Account ID    (login ID)
Sales Order No    (Wait our Email or Call  to confirm your order)
Bank of Transfer    (Bank name of your account)
Date of Transfer    (Date of money deposited or transferred)
Time of Transfer    (Time of money deposited or transferred)
Amount    (Money deposited or transferred)
Shipping Address    (Location to send items)
Contact number    (Personal mobile phone number)


Remind ## : Please make payment before 7 days and send to the bank slips to our email sales@ayujayamas.com , otherwise order will be cancel.  Tel: 603-80516923